Mathew 16:27-28 #9 When the Saints took Possession of the Kingdom

By allowing scripture to interpret scripture, we see that Daniel 7, Mathew 25:31-34, and Mathew 16:27-28 are all parallel prophecies concerning the coming of the Son of Man when the saints “took possession of the kingdom”. But according to virtually all futurists, the coming of the Son of Man when the saints took possession (inherit) of the kingdom in Mathew 25:31-34 refers to the second coming of Christ. Therefore, the coming of the Son of Man in Mathew 16:27-28 and Daniel 7 must also refer to the second coming of Christ, and must have been fulfilled in the lifetime of Jesus’ contemporary disciples; just like Jesus promised…. “There are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom”. Be sure to check out these powerful and undeniable connections on our comparative chart in PDF by clicking on the link below.

Matthew 16 & Mathew 25 Comparative Chart

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