Mathew 16:27-28 #2 Confusion within the Camps

In this short video we demonstrate the utter confusion within all futurist camps concerning the fulfillment of Mathew 16:27-28. Yet among their confusion, there is one common element: TIME. All futurist camps – at least on some level – attempt to place the fulfillment of Mathew 16:27-28 within the lifetime of Jesus’ contemporary disciples. The reason for this is because Jesus’ words, “some standing here won’t taste death” are simply too ambiguous for anyone – even futurists – to deny. Therefore, if we can prove that Mathew 16:27-28 did in fact prophecy the second coming of Christ, then according their own admission, futurists must admit that the second coming of Christ was fulfilled within the lifetime of Jesus’ contemporary generation. This is about to get good….

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