Mathew 24 Part 125 – The Wedding & The Rewarding of the Saints

Jesus parable in Mathew 25 of the coming of the bridegroom for the Messianic wedding feast would be in fulfillment of the hope and the dread of Israel. By comparing Luke 13:23-27 with Mathew 25:10-12 we see that time of the wedding would be the time of the “rewarding of the saints” and the “casting out” of the “sons of the [Old Covenant] kingdom” (Mathew 8:11-12). According to scripture, the saints would receive their reward (the Kingdom) and the wicked would be excluded (cast out) at the removal of the Old Covenant world and the judgment of it’s citizens in AD70 (Mathew 21:33-45, Galatians 4:22-30, Hebrews 12:26-28). Mathew 25 and the parable of the ten virgins was fulfilled at the coming of the bridegroom to marry his New Covenant bride in AD70.

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