Mathew 24 – Part 14 – Wars & Rumours of Wars

The disciples asked Jesus for a sign of his coming at the end of the age to destroy Jerusalem (Mathew 24:2-3). Jesus told his first century disciples that they themselves would hear of wars and rumours of wars and that famines, earthquakes, and diseases would come upon them (vs.6-7). Both scripture and history confirm the fulfillment of Jesus’ words. However, Jesus told them that these things were not the sign that they had asked about. Wars, earthquakes etc., did not signify that the end of the age was imminent, but that the end of the age was “not yet” (v.6). Modern day so-called prophecy teachers need this understanding…. wars, famines, earthquakes are not the sign of the end. Besides, the end of the age took place in the lifetime of Jesus’ generation (v.34).

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