Mathew 24 – Part 16 – Last Days Birth Pangs

According to the context in Mathew 23-34, the “beginning of birth pangs” (Mathew 24:8) were to come upon Israel for shedding the innocent blood of the prophets. The Song of Moses prophesied these last days birth pangs of Israel as His judgment upon them for shedding innocent blood. Through Israel’s birth pangs, the vindication (atonement) of his servants (the righteous) would also be accomplished. Jesus plainly taught that Old Covenant Israel of his generation would be judged for shedding the righteous blood of the prophets (Mathew 23:30f). Therefore, the “beginning of birth pangs” in Mathew 24:8 was the beginning of the last days judgment upon Old Covenant Israel-the vengeance of God- for shedding the blood of the righteous, which would be fulfilled within the lifetime of his generation, and bring vindication and redemption for the righteous when they received the kingdom of God (Luke 21:20-32)

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