Mathew 24 – Part 37 – Acts & The Great Commission

The book of Acts is far more than just a book of “conversions”, or a “roadmap” for the mission of the Church today. The book of Acts demonstrates the progressive fulfillment of the great commission to preach the gospel of the Kingdom from Jerusalem to the “ends of the earth”. This should not surprise us. Jesus told his disciples that the great commission would be fulfilled prior to the “end” of the Old Covenant age, and promised it’s fulfillment within their lifetime (Mathew 24:3,14,34). Therefore, based on the promise of Jesus, the testimony of Paul, the identification of “the witnesses”, and the entire books of Acts, it is impossible not to believe in a first century fulfillment of the great commission. The Kingdom was preached, the end has come, and the full redemption in Jesus Christ has been received. Let’s believe the gospel Church !


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