Mathew 24 – Part 47 – The Significance of the Great Tribulation

Jesus described the great tribulation as “such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, or ever will” (Mathew 24:21). In other words, Jesus said that nothing ever had or ever will compare to the tribulation of the first century. By comparing Jesus’ words with the identical language found in Ezekiel 5:8 and Daniel 9:12, we can understand the hyperbolic intent behind them. Jesus was using exaggerated language to emphasize significance (hyperbole). The “greatness” of the tribulation is not to be understood in the length of time it lasted (it was only 3.5 years), nor in the brutality of it’s sufferings (although the suffering was terrible). What made the tribulation of the first century “great” was it’s covenantal and redemptive significance. That tribulation brought an end to the Old Covenant world of Judaism (Mathew 24:2-3,33-34), and ushered in the full establishment of the New Covenant Kingdom of God in AD70 (Luke 21:6-7,20,31-32). Never┬ábefore and never again will a tribulation carry the covenantal and redemptive significance of the Jewish great tribulation of the first century.

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