Mathew 24 – Part 49 – False Christ’s & False Prophets in Jerusalem

When we consider the arrival of these false Christ’s and false prophets in the context of the destruction of Jerusalem (Mathew 24:2), “end of the age” (Mathew 24:3), and the great tribulation (Mathew 24:21), we can better understand their deception. They were deceiving Israel to believe that Jehovah would preserve the city and temple, that Torah would continue, and that they would be given miraculous victory in the war with the Romans. In other words, these deceivers denied the gospel of the Kingdom. They taught that Messiah would come to deliver them from judgment, but instead, Messiah was coming to punish them (the unfaithful) through judgment. Through both the wickedness of the Zealots and the faithfulness of Jehovah, the deception of Israel by these false Christ’s and false prophets served to both vindicate the righteous and bring vengeance upon the wicked in AD70.

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