Mathew 24 – Part 52 – His Presence is Not in the Inner Rooms

In this video we demonstrate once again the message of the false christ’s and false prophets of the first century. Any Jew acquainted with Torah would have recognized the words, “He is in the inner rooms”, as a reference to the glory-presence of Jehovah in the temple. This was Old Testament language and imagery borrowed from the prophets. These false messengers were attempting to deceive Israel – the elect if possible – into believing that the Messiah was going to restore their nation and establish their covenant by returning to the temple, by “filling that house with glory”. But that was a false message. The gospel of the Kingdom was that Israel and her house would be “left to them desolate”, and the glory of Messiah, his presence, would return to abide foreverĀ (the Parousia) in the New Covenant temple, the Body of Christ.

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