Mathew 24 – Part 60 – Sun Moon and Stars & The Language of The Ancients

In this video, we show that according to historians the ancients used the sun moon and stars as symbols of rulers, authorities, kings, kingdom etc., and the “darkening” of those luminaries represented the overthrow of those “powers”. In time, the Old Testament prophets of Israel incorporated the exact same symbolism into their prophesies to denote the judgment and overthrow of nations, even Israel. In Mathew 24, in the context of Israel’s national judgment (23:29-38, 24:1-3), Jesus employs the very same symbolic language – the darkening of the luminaries – and somehow, some modern “prophecy experts” forget about symbolism, and instead, interpret Jesus’ words to mean the literal destruction of the cosmos. This is a foundational teaching for understanding Mathew 24:29.

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