Mathew 24 – Part 63 – The Judgment of Egypt and Israel’s Second Exodus

The symbolical language of of Mathew 24:29 prophesied the imminent judgment of Old Covenant Israel – spiritual Egypt – in AD70. The purpose of that judgment, was to shatter the influence of Egypt (the Old Covenant world) that continued to tempt and seduce the righteous remnant. These themes paint a picture of a “second exodus”. Isaiah prophesied the “recovery a second time” of the remnant of Israel out of Egypt, in the day when the “root ¬†of Jesse” would arise to rule over the nations. According to Paul, Christ, the root of Jesse and arrived, and Isaiah’s second exodus was taking place in the first century. This proves that as the righteous remnant were being gathered out of Old Covenant Jerusalem into Christ, they were in fact being gathered out of Egypt, out of exile. Old Covenant Israel had become the enslaver and persecutor of the saints, and was about to be judged for their sins. The “stars” (Jewish rulers and authorities) were about to fall from heaven.

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