Mathew 24 – Part 70 – The Son of Man in Heaven, Psalm 110 and Acts 2

On the day of Pentecost, Peter holds the nation of Israel guilty for the murder of their Messiah who had ascended and been enthroned in fulfillment of Psalm 110, and warns of their impending judgment if they do not repent (Acts 2). Those who had ears to hear received the words of Peter and “freely volunteered” to receive Jesus as Messiah in the day of his power. Those who did not become the enemies of Jehovah, and would understand Peter’s words though the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70. The judgment and destruction of Jerusalem (Mathew 24:29) signified that Jesus – the Son of Man – had ascended, been enthroned, and had returned in judgment (his parousia) to make his enemies his footstool in fulfillment of Psalm 110. Just as Old Covenant Israel of the first century had become spiritual Egypt and Babylon, they had also become the “enemy-nations” of Psalm 110 who Jehovah shattered in the “day of his wrath”.

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