Mathew 24 – Part 72 – Then Shall All 12 Tribes of the Land Mourn

When we interpret Mathew 24:30 in the context and natural flow of the entire chapter, it becomes more than evident that Jesus’ words, “then all the tribes of the earth shall mourn”, must refer to the “weeping and wailing” of all 12 tribes of Israel over the loss of their covenant-world, and their rejection by Jehovah for their rejection of His Son. That situation took place, both literally and historically, in AD70, which Jesus reiterated would come upon the “women and their children”, who “mourned” for him on his way to his passion. In all likelihood, those same women who mourned for Jesus when he left Jerusalem to suffer, were among “all tribes of the earth” who mourned for themselves and their children when he returned to Jerusalem in judgment.

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