Mathew 24 Part 83 – Coming on the Clouds to Take Away the Kingdom

In this video we share another comparative study, this time between Daniel 7 and Mathew 21. Once again, we have the exact same constituent elements in both texts. This means that….
Daniel 7 = Mathew 21
But, Daniel 7 = Mathew 24
Therefore, Mathew 21 = Mathew 24
And, when we compare Mathew 21 with Mathew 22, we see that the owner of the vineyard came in judgment (21:40) by “sending out His armies, and burning their city” (22:7). Therefore, coming of the Son of Man in Mathew 24:30 is the fulfillment of Daniel 7 and the coming of the Landowner in Mathew 21, which was fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem – as the judgment of the “little horn” – in AD70.

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