Mathew 24 Part 90 – The Gathering of Israel…. “In That Day”

Isaiah chapters 24-30 is a united prophecy known as the “little apocalypse”, which is thematically connected by the phrase “in that day”. In this video we demonstrate that Mathew 24 and the little apocalypse are parallel prophesies concerning both the judgment and salvation-gathering of Israel at the blowing of the “great trumpet”. But in Isaiah, the blowing of the great trumpet and gathering of Israel takes place “in the day” of resurrection. This means that gathering of the elect at the great trumpet in Mathew 24:31 takes place at the time of the resurrection in Jesus’ generation (Mathew 24:34). As we shall see, this is confirmed by the writings of the apostle Paul who quotes both Jesus and Isaiah in his prophesies of a first century resurrection.

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