Mathew 24 Part 94 – The Gathering of Israel through the 2nd Exodus #2

In this video we share some powerful evidence that places Israel’s second exodus, in fulfillment of Isaiah 11, in the first century generation. The “visitation” of God was a 40 year period – between 30 and 70AD – when the Lord was redeeming/purchasing his people a second time. According to Jesus, the judgment of Jerusalem in AD70 was the result of Israel’s rejection of their “visitation from God” (Luke 19:41-44). Those who rejected their visitation through the second exodus suffered the “days of vengeance” (Luke 21:20-22), but those who accepted it were gathered together as the elect at the great trumpet, and the coming of the Son of Man in AD70 (Mathew 24:30-34).┬áIts a bit on the longer side, and Dan talks a mile a minute, but you really need to watch this video!

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