Mathew 24 Part 96 – John, Elijah and the Gathering of the Elect

In this video we demonstrate that the gathering of the elect in Mathew 24:31 was the separation of the righteous in fulfillment of Malachi 4, at the judgment of Israel at the great and terrible Day of the Lord in AD70. Malachi saig that judgment would take place when Elijah was sent to Israel before the coming of the Lord to his temple. According to Jesus, Elijah was sent to Israel in the person of John the baptist who proclaimed the judgment-message of Malachi to come upon his generation. The judgment of Malachi at the coming of the Lord to his temple to separate the righteous from the wicked was fulfilled in AD70, when the Lord came in judgment upon the unrighteous through the destruction of their city and temple, and gathered together the elect into his Kingdom.


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