Matthew 16:27-28 #17 To Establish the New Covenant

According to Isaiah 59, the second coming of Christ would establish the New Covenant; that is, it would bring it to perfection and thus fully apply its blessings (Isaiah 59:16-21 Romans 11:25-27). But the perfection of the New Covenant came in AD70, when the Old Covenant was removed and it’s children cast out (2 Corinthians 3:9-18 Galatians 4:21-5:5 Mathew 21:33-45). Therefore the second coming of Christ in Mathew 16:27-28 (in fulfillment of Isaiah 59) was accomplished in AD70, when the ministry of condemnation which had no gory was replaced with the ministry of righteous which abounded in glory. As a result of the “coming of the Son of Man in his kingdom”, the church stands clothed in the righteousness of Christ bearing the image of God through the establishment of the glorious New Covenant.

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