The Last Day’s “Battle of the Seeds” – Part 4

In this 4th and final instalment, we draw an undeniable parallel between the judgment and fall of Babylon in Revelation 16 and the judgment and destruction of Satan in Revelation 20. Through this, it is clearly understood the destruction of Satan at the end of the millennium in Revelation 20 was accomplished through the destruction of Satan’s seed (first century O.C. Israel) at the fall of Jerusalem (Babylon) in AD70. This agrees perfectly with Jesus’ parable of the tares of the filed in Matthew 13, where the judgment of “the sons of the devil” takes place at the “end of the (Jewish) age”, which Jesus placed at the fall of Jerusalem in AD70 (Mathew 24:2-3,34). (Check out the parallel chart below)

The Crushing of Satan through the Crushing of His Seed and Their Kingdom

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