The Spirit & the Restoration of Israel #20 Signs until AD70

In this concluding video we demonstrate what the cessation of signs, miracles, and wonders means for us today. Since the “signs” confirmed the “at hand” Kingdom and the restoration of Israel, then the cessation of those signs must mean that the Kingdom has come, and Israel has been restored. This agrees perfectly with the words of Jesus who placed placed the restoration of Israel, the establishment of their Kingdom, and the end of “confirmatory signs” ¬†at the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the Old Covenant age in AD70 (Mathew 24:2-3,34, 28:19-20, Luke 21:20-22,27-32). The pouring out of the Spirit and it’s miraculous manifestations signified to Israel that their final restoration was about to be accomplished in the first century. And, the cessation of those “signs” signifies to us today that Israel’s Kingdom has come, and though faith in Jesus Christ restoration is made available to all nations.

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